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All About Henna:

Henna is a plant that has natural, dying properties. In botanical terms, henna is known as lawsonia enermis. The leaves, flowers and stem of this plant are dried and ground to make a powder. This powder is then mixed with warm water to make a paste. When mixed with other leaves and fruit of other plants, it can create a variety of colors and tones. In decorative body art, it is mixed with sugar and pure essential oils to strengthen and add to the longevity of the design. During hot weather, henna acts as a cooling agent when put on the palms and bottom of feet. 


If you recently had henna applied, follow these directions:


*Leave paste for at least 4 hours on skin, but longer is better.

*Do not use water to remove paste. Use a dry paper towel to gently remove any paste still on the skin.

*Initial stain will vary, but will be a light, orange brown in color. True color takes about 24 hours to develop and will be a darker, reddish brown.

*Use an all-natural oil on top of stain to help repel moisture and deepen color of stain. (Coconut oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil) NO LOTIONS!

*Length of stain will last 1-2 weeks and will gradually fade.

(Factors determining this are depth of stain from initial application, part of body applied to, and exposure to water, chemicals and rubbing.)



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