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Tania Cuthbertson founded her business in 2012 to bring joy and creative entertainment to children of all ages. After many years of face painting for fun and volunteering for special events, she decided it was time to expand her talents and open her business. Two years later, her husband Ismeal also joined in as a seasoned artist himself. With over 22 years of combined art expertise, they have honed their skills through extensive workshops, classes and conventions like FABAIC, MAX Convention and Art Factory Body Art Fest. With a proven track record, Painted Expressions Face Paint and Henna has provided services for prominent clients such as Outdoor Magazine, Mercedes Benz, Michelin Tire, Clorox and many others in the Atlanta area. Tania has most recently entertained at the Georgia Aquarium the last two and a half years.  As a bilingual professional (fluent in Spanish and English), we have the ability to communicate effectively with a more diverse client base.  Our mission is simple: to create a painted smile on every child's face, ensuring a memorable experience for all. Committed to ongoing skill development, Tania and Ismeal continuously update their designs and techniques to exceed client expectations.

Face Paint Set Up

Things to Know:


  • We recommend not painting children until the age of 3, unless they are willing to be painted and can sit still. 

  • We use only US FDA approved, water based products. Although unlikely, we CANNOT guarantee a reaction will not occur. If you are concerned, we can test paints on their arm, just to be safe.

  • Please make sure your child's face is clean prior to being seated for painting. We usually have wet wipes on hand if needed.

  • Please feel free to take pictures. We encourage sharing and tagging us in your photos and videos please! 

  • Artist's styles will vary from one design to another depending on their mood, weather, or even from day to day.

  • Henna used is 100% all natural, but some individuals with sensitive skin should still have it tested on their arm or leg, just to be safe. 

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