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Welcome to Painted Expressions Face Paint and Henna! Our artists strive to make your event as memorable and wonderful as possible.


Our experience combined with our talent is one of the main reasons you should hire our company. We have been face painting for over 15 years! We also try to keep our prices affordable because we understand what it takes to provide a great event. As parents ourselves, we know that doing things for our children all adds up.


Our company is also one that you can trust. We only use quality, USDA approved, water-based face paints that are safe for children of all ages. We also only use cosmetic grade glitter to add that extra sparkle at no additional charge!


We hope that you choose Painted Expressions for your next event. Please call and book today and you won't be disappointed!

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RULES and Disclaimer:


  • We recommend not painting children until the age of 3, unless they are willing to be painted and can sit still. 

  • We use only USDA approved, water based products. Although unlikely, we CANNOT guarantee a reaction will not occur. If you are concerned, we can test paints on their arm, just to be safe!

  • Please make sure your child's face is clean prior to being seated for painting. We usually have wet wipes on hand if needed.

  • Please feel free to take pictures. However, we do discourage the posting of videos on social and/or media websites without our permission.

  • Artist's styles will vary from one design to another depending on their mood, weather, or even from day to day.

  • Henna used is 100% all natural, but some individuals with sensitive skin should have it tested on their arm or leg, just to be safe. 

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